Swimming Pool Remodeling

Swimming Pool RemodelingWant to build a new pool, but have no idea where to start? A good place to start the remodeling process is looking into natural swimming pools. They have an organic filter control system that is excellent for your body and wellbeing, all while avoiding the drawbacks of a chemically treated pool.
If you are looking for a total pool makeover or want to convert your existing pool into a natural body of water, you've come to the right place!
On this page, we will go over the remodeling process in a little more detail and touch on how to convert an existing pool into an NSP (Natural Swimming Pool). So, without further ado, let's dive in (pun intended)!


A Complete Pool Remodel: Where Can I Start and How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a total pool remodel would vary depending on a multitude of factors. There are different methods for constructing a pool from scratch and also options for converting a traditional pool as well. Check out our pool design and pool filter pages for more information on designing a complete pool rebuild.

Convert Your Pool With Ease

There are a number of options when it comes to transforming your current open ground pool setup; the two most popular approaches are to add a regeneration zone or a biofilm filter.
  1. By using a regeneration zone, you will be converting your pool into an NSP BioSwimPond™ with aquatic plants growing in the system, providing a beautiful backyard retreat.
  1. If you add a biofilm filter, then you will be converting your pool into an NSP BioPool®. If the site permits, this construction process usually is the lowest final cost method.
Whichever technique is selected, we reproduce the natural processes to create an environment for advantageous microbes to outcompete less favorable microbes for the water's nutrients.

A Bit More About the Scope of Remodel

There are several methods for performing a conversion and the end result will be determined by multiple factors, including the amount of space you have to expand, the condition of the existing vessel, plumbing and equipment, and your design goals for the pool and surrounding landscape.
Regardless of the type of conversion, some modifications to the pool’s plumbing and hydraulics will always be necessary.

How Big Does the Biological Filter Need to Be?

The answer varies among NSP designs, but NSP BioSwimPonds™ uses aquatic vegetation hydroponically rooted in select substrates to allow the water from the pool surface to flow through the planted environment:
The biological filter (A.K.A. the regeneration zone, bog filter, constructed wetlands, etc.) is about the same surface area as the swimming zone.
So, a 16'x32' swimming zone (~512 ft2) would demand the same amount of area (~512 ft2) for the regeneration zone.

Can I Build a Natural Swimming Pool Myself?

Building an NSP is a complicated process that should be professionally engineered and constructed to ensure the pool's water is adequately filtered. Recent advancements in the design of biofilm filters have streamlined the purification process by eradicating the need for a spacious regeneration zone.
These filters mean less complexity, but it still requires exact measurements a knowledgeable builder can provide for the best possible quality.
Natural Swimming Pools LLC will provide a construction plan that can yield a beautiful and functional pool. However, for the pool to be a BioNova® Certified Natural Swimming Pool, it must be installed or supervised by one of our licensed builders. This oversight ensures that the final product provides you with years of entertainment, all while minimizing the frustration resulting from poor execution of inadequate NSP construction.

Get Started: Begin Your Pool Remodel Plans Today

The first step in either of these types of projects is to start a PreConstruction Planning Agreement (PCPA). The PCPA will retain the necessary consultation and design services to:
  • Evaluate the existing conditions (are there an existing gas line or electric line)
  • Develop construction phases for your NSP plan
  • Determine an estimated start time for construction
  • Provide an estimated project budget
Interested in a pool remodel or conversion? Choose Arizona’s best natural swimming pool contractor without worrying about the price tags of a typical pool renovation.
We are here to help! Whether you want to add a natural water feature, a tanning ledge, a concrete deck, or fire bowls with remote control fire features, we are prepared to craft your dream pool! Send us some photos of your pool and equipment to get the process started.