Natural Pool Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

To keep your pool in excellent shape, it takes maintenance and occasional cleanings. Because our pools use the latest technology, they are actually quite easy to take care of.

So, without further ado, here's what you need to know about natural pool maintenance! Let's dive in (pun intended)!

What Kind of Regular Maintenance Is Required?

Natural Pool MaintenanceSome physical maintenance is similar to the traditional chemical pool. We need to periodically empty and clean skimmer baskets, pump baskets, filters, and vacuum the pool. Fortunately, the constant hard work applied to chemical filtration and maintenance costs of a typical pool is not an issue with NSPs.
We recommend robotic cleaners for vacuuming and brushing the pool walls, the water surface, and the bottom. However, all pools, even chlorine and chemical pools, will require manual brushing of all surfaces. Simple cleanings will still outweigh any higher initial costs or future year costs of chemicals for the lifespan of your pool.
  • BioSwimPonds™ water garden maintenance is necessary – removing unwanted plants and debris, trimming, maintaining existing plants, and cutting them back at the end of the season.
  • BioPools® "backwashing" or flushing out (every 3-6 months) of the bio-film filter is necessary. If you have a garden, don't forget that the discharge from backwashing the filter is an excellent natural fertilizer! Reduce, reuse, and recycle!
Whether you are designing a totally natural body of water like man-made mountain streams, or you want to add plant growth like water lilies, we will help you craft your natural setting without the use of chlorine, and with less maintenance!

We Have Freezing Weather in the Winter: What About Winterization?

In cold climates, your natural swimming area needs to be treated just like any other conventional pool. Plumbing lines need to be blown out and plugged, and the mechanical equipment needs draining. The swimming pond or pool can be covered with a winter safety cover, and a mesh net can be draped over the regeneration zone to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the area.
For BioSwim- Ponds™, the aquatic plants are cut back, and dead leaves are removed from the regeneration zone. Most native aquatic plant life is perennial and will regrow the following spring. Some plants may need replacing, but the longer the regeneration zone matures, the hardier the plants become.

Will Mosquitoes Be an Issue?

BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools water features are always circulating, which means mosquitoes are not a problem as they do not breed and lay eggs in moving or filtered water. A more significant concern for mosquitoes near your NSP is potted plant bases, or any place water can gather and remain stagnant.

Can We Have Fish in the Pool?

Unfortunately not, although fish would love to live there! Fish consume beneficial zooplankton which can upset the microbe community, but the biggest reason is that they put an undue load on the system with their waste. They are not permitted in the swimming or regeneration zones to meet BioNova® standards and quality processes.
One of the biggest objectives in maintaining an NSP (Natural Swimming Pool) is to control the number of nutrients entering the pool; fish providing an overabundance of nutrients makes this balance problematic. However, if you desire a koi pond, we can include a separate and isolated pond adjacent to your NSP. The finished product will look as though they are one contiguous system but actually operate in separate, closed-loop environments.

Will There Be Algae?

Yes. Algae and other phytoplankton species are naturally occurring microbial plant life. The living aquatic environment we are creating relies on the healthy – but controlled – growth of phytoplankton and other producers in the microbial lifecycle.
An NSP will always have some algae in it (in fact, even a chemically treated pool still has some algae in it), but green algae are not harmful. We keep algae in check with the correct assortment of aquatic plants in the regeneration zone or a biofilm filter to outcompete the algae for nutrients. Situations that may cause a temporary algae bloom are related to an unexpected influx of nutrients. As part of our BioNova® Quality Process, we will test your municipal water supply to determine if it would be suitable for the initial filling of the NSP. Then we can plan and design the NSP system to handle any nutrient surplus stemming from the source.

Can I Heat My Natural Pool?

Yes! Although how much you can heat the pool depends on your climate and the time of the year. NSP BioSwimPondsTM and other natural bodies of water can tend to be warmer than traditional pools because the biological filter is relatively shallow and acts as a passive solar collector. With the use of solar panels, you can heat the total area of the pool during the day, or cycle the panels on at night when the air temperatures drop to cool the water.

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