Natural Pool Conversions

It is possible to convert or transform an existing traditional pool into a natural swimming environment and Natural Swimming Pools LLC can provide an estimate of the feasibility of these projects. There are several methods for performing a conversion project and the end result will be determined by multiple factors, including the amount of space you have to expand, the condition of the existing vessel, plumbing and equipment, total habitat design, and your other remodeling goals for the pool and surrounding landscape.
Regardless of the type, when constructing natural pool conversions, some modifications to the pool’s plumbing and hydraulics will always be necessary. Different factors like starting an installation in cooler months, dealing with a large area with massive water volume, or having to remove fish, can all have an effect on the construction process.

Natural Pool Conversion

Converting Existing Pools Into NSPs

If you already have a chemically-treated, unnatural swimming pool and would love to switch to an NSP, BioNova® offers conversion designs and construction as well. While there are a multitude of ways to convert your current pool setup; the two most common methods are to add a regeneration zone or biofilm filter.
  • By adding a regeneration zone, you will be converting your pool into an NSP BioSwimPond™ with aquatic plants growing in the system
  • By adding a biofilm filter, then you will be converting your pool into an NSP BioPool®. If the site allows, this usually is the lowest cost method.

How Big Does the Biological Filter Need to Be?

The answer varies among NSP designs, but NSP BioSwimPonds™ uses aquatic vegetation hydroponically rooted in select substrates to allow the water from the swimming area to flow through the planted environment.
The biological filter (AKA the regeneration zone, bog filter, constructed wetlands, etc.) is approximately the same surface area as the swimming zone. So, a 16'x32' swimming zone (~512 ft2) would require the same amount of area (~512 ft2) for the regeneration zone.

Convert Your Existing Pool to a Natural Swimming Pool Today

Interested in a pool conversion? Convert your existing pool to a natural swimming pool by adding BioNova’s patented BF4 bio filter onto your current filtration system. A 4ft x 10ft (or 2ft x 20ft), 40sqft area for the BF4 biofilm filter will fit most pools up to 525sqft in surface area.
There are no chemicals or other devices, such as UV, ozone generators, ionizers or salt systems, used to disinfect or sterilize the living water quality. All clarifying and purifying of the pool water is performed entirely by natural biological processes. Send us some photos of your pool and equipment to get the process started.

PreConstruction Planning Agreement (PCPA)

The first step to starting natural pool conversions would be a PreConstruction Planning Agreement (PCPA). The PCPA will retain the necessary consultation and design services to evaluate the existing conditions, develop a custom conversion plan, and provide a project budget.
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