Custom Natural Swimming Pool Design

We begin the new decade with proven technological advancements in sustainability and environmental sciences necessary to achieve an all natural swimming pool. NSP’s are capable of maintaining crystal clear water without any chlorine, chemicals, or the traditionally high costs and maintenance associated with pool ownership.

If that’s true, then why aren’t NSPs more popular? Well, they ARE popular… in Europe. Here in the United States, our pool water education is focused on chemicals used to exterminate contaminants and microscopic organisms in an “unnatural” pool environment. However, even in inorganic chemically-treated pools, bacteria and algae still exist in the water.

NSPs use those “contaminants” instead as nutrients in a more complex ecosystem that naturally purifies the water making it safe and healthy for our bodies.

Families with children who suffer from constant ear, nose, and throat infections, asthma and allergies, and skin and eye irritation will benefit from the naturally balanced, organic swimming pools of the future with Natural Swimming Pools llc.

Designing a Natural Swimming Pool (NSP) is a process that can be done to any yard that can build a traditional swimming pool. Water treatment for achieving naturally purified water can be done by:

  • A Biofilm Filter
    • This engineered environment replaces the need for a planted regeneration zone.  The water is treated by routing the water through the biofilm filter, removing nutrients in the process, creating an NSP BioPool®.
  • A Planted Regeneration Zone
    • The regeneration zone should be approximately the same surface area as the swimming zone and include planted aquatic vegetation and a sedimentation filter, creating an NSP BioSwimPond™.
  • A Combination of Plants and Biofilm
    • Providing the aesthetics of a natural pond, with the natural purification provided by the biofilm filter, creating an NSP BioSwimPond™.

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