Chlorine Free Swimming Pool: The Benefits of a Natural Swimming Pool

Easily recognizable with its pungent, bleach-like odor, chlorine is worn as a swimmer’s perfume, whether they like it or not. Smelling like you took a bath in bleach only isn't the only obstacle these athletes deal with, the chemical has quite the reputation in the swimming industry for other complications.
There are a few reasons the chlorine-free swimming pool has made quite the splash in the modern pool industry; let's dive into why!

Chlorine Free Natural Swimming Pool

What's the Deal With Chlorine: Is It Harmful?

Historically, the industry standard for maintaining swimming pools has been the extermination of microscopic organic matter in the water. This approach relies on the repeated addition of chemicals to the pool system to prevent all bacteria, algae, aquatic plants, and zooplankton growth. These parameters require constant attention to chase a shifting water balance.
Achieving "purified water" via this method incorporates very few natural methods and leads to a vicious, unsustainable maintenance cycle—not to mention eye and skin irritability. Aside from the obvious, here are some other complications chlorine use and chemical pools can cause:

1. The Infamous “Chlorine Cough”

Most swimmers have encountered the heinous “chlorine cough.” The deep burning sensation in the back of the throat in conjunction with oxygen deprivation is not only a colossal inconvenience but also a health hazard.
Experts warn that the cause of such wheezing and respiratory discomfort can stem from two issues. One: poor outdoor pool ventilation systems, and two: the mixture of chlorine with sweat, urine, and even hair, which leads to the formation of chloramines.

2. A Pool of Allergens: Gesundheit!

Chlorine may indirectly contribute to allergies by irritating and sensitizing the respiratory tract. Studies have suggested that frequent swimming in chlorinated pools and exposure to cleaning products containing chlorine may increase the risk of developing asthma and other respiratory allergies, both in adolescents and adults.
Indeed, roughly 50 to 65 percent of competitive swimmers are sensitized to common allergens in comparison to 29 to 36 percent of the general population.

3. Say Goodbye to Healthy Moisturized Skin

Flaky, scaly, and itchy skin; these three adjectives precisely explain yet another side effect of the swimmer lifestyle. Not enough Vaseline or body lotion in the world will guarantee a swimmer healthy and moisturized skin.
The science behind this predicament is that extended exposure to chlorine dissolves a protective layer created by sebaceous glands, the small oil-producing gland present in the skin of mammals. When removed, your protective skin barrier can break down causing skin irritations and allergic reactions. Even pools or hot tubs being sanitized with little chlorine can cause skin complications due to additional compounds added to maintain low levels of chlorine, such as: Salt Water, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, etc.

4. Swimmer Erosion: Keep Your Dentist on Speed Dial

Another unwelcome side effect of swimming is dental health damage. An unstable pH has been related to causing the deterioration of tooth enamel, resulting in the staining and yellowing of one's teeth.
Other symptoms associated with “swimmer erosion” are the sensitivity to extremely hot or cold food and drinks, as well as rigidity and indentation on the surface of the tooth. Even worse, it can make your teeth rigidy with indentations on the surface. Unfortunately, in serious cases, it can cause one's teeth to chip and crack.

The Removal of Undesirable Microbes

Aside from our bodies' constant exposure to these chemicals, the suppression of all microbial life in the water creates an unnatural sterility. Even in these chemically treated environments, undesirable bacteria and algae still exist; the bacteria is never exhaustively removed, only suppressed. This approach to maintenance is a fruitless effort, especially with the always-changing environmental changes like leaves and rain.

By removing the symbiotic communities of all of the beneficial bacteria and algae, we are removing organisms that outcompete the undesirable microbes. This maintenance approach is full of vulnerabilities that can overwhelm your typical chemical-treated pool system.

The Natural Solution

At Natural Swimming Pools LLC, we eliminate the monotony of frequent chemical testing and ph level balancing, allowing the water to reach its own natural balance. The system simply relies on environmentally deposited nutrients (from the atmosphere and the swimmers) to “feed” the complexity of the biological system to naturally clean the water.

Biofilm: The Future of Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools use a biofilm filter to manage algae and clean the water. Called a BioPool® or a LivingPool™, the design has the same appearance and feel of a traditional swimming pool. There are no chemicals or other devices; we don't use copper ions, ultraviolet light technology, bromine, ozone generators, or salt systems (sodium chloride) to disinfect or sterilize the pool water. All clarifying and purifying of the pool water is performed entirely by natural biological processes.
The NSP is designed, permitted, and constructed in conformance with swimming pool code and guidelines. NSPs are capable of maintaining crystal clear water without chemicals or the traditionally high costs and maintenance associated with pool ownership, and they are chlorine-free.

Swim in a Chlorine-Free Pool Today

We hope these facts about the use of chlorine are an eye-opener because NSPs represent an entirely new paradigm in pool water sanitization. This free e-book is designed to provide the reader with a complete story on Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs). Where they came from, what they are, how they work, how they’re different, what choices there are in different implementations of them; everything you need is in this handy guide!
Can't wait and need a chlorine-free swimming pool today? Contact us now to start a PreConstruction Planning Agreement (PCPA) for your NSP!