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Chemical Free Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools llc (NSP) offers a sustainable solution for chemical free swimming in every environment from the frozen lakes of Minnesota to the sunny Arizona desert. Families who suffer from harsh chemicals and high monthly pool maintenance bills can now choose an organic pool filtration option that naturally purifies water.

Hello, my name is Zach Balbini, owner of Natural Swimming Pools llc. I am a life-long sufferer of asthma, allergies, ear, nose and throat infections, dry eyes, and more caused by long-term exposure to harsh pool chemicals and improper water balance. Today, I am a father and a passionate environmentalist who wants to purify our pool water and reduce our chemical dependence.

My mission is shift the swimming pool paradigm from chemicals using a mobile reverse osmosis filtration system capable of filtering 40,000 gallons per day of contaminated pool water into clean drinking-quality water for your pool! Recycle pool water to greatly reduce the need for chlorine and other harsh chemicals. Maintaining a swimming pool that has been treated with an annual mobile reverse osmosis water purification service turns weekly maintenance into monthly, and monthly maintenance into quarterly.

Benefits of Mobile RO Puripool Process: removes high levels of calcium hardness and cyanuric acid (CYA), total dissolved solids (TDS), salt, bacteria and other contaminants such as cryptosporidium, recycles pool water, prevents pool draining which can damage pool surfaces, reduces or eliminates chlorine and chemical use, facilitates properly balanced water, and more!

Want 100% naturally filtered water year-round? Have NSP add a natural swimming pool Biofilter into your system and you will never need chlorine or any other chemicals to purify your water again! NSP needs your support to start a revolution in the water safety industry by reducing our reliance on chemicals to do nature’s job.

We Need Pools & You Save Money!

NSP can design and build a custom, luxury natural swimming pool OR convert your existing pool for significantly less cost. Homeowners who are undecided about converting to NSP’s can start with our reduced-chemical Reverse Osmosis Pool Plan (ROPP) that will greatly reduce your monthly maintenance costs by up to 75%. ROPPs begin at only $25 per month! That’s significantly less than the average pool service at $100 per month plus repairs and maintenance.

Natural Swimming Pools llc has chosen to kick-start our project in one of the hottest environments known to bio pools – Phoenix, Arizona. The American Southwest has the some of the world’s harshest deserts. Arizona is the only place that has all four North American deserts in one state. If a natural swimming pool can survive here, it can survive anywhere. That is why we have chosen to start our project in the heart of Arizona to provide an environmentally friendly swimming pool for every future family in America.

Mastered by Nature

We begin the new decade with proven technological advancements in sustainability and environmental sciences necessary to achieve an all natural swimming pool. NSP’s are capable of maintaining crystal clear water without any chlorine, chemicals, or the traditionally high costs and maintenance associated with pool ownership.

If that’s true, then why aren’t NSPs more popular? Well, they ARE popular… in Europe. Here in the United States, our pool water education is focused on chemicals used to exterminate contaminants and microscopic organisms in an “unnatural” pool environment. However, even in inorganic chemically-treated pools, bacteria and algae still exist in the water.

NSPs use those “contaminants” instead as nutrients in a more complex ecosystem that naturally purifies the water making it safe and healthy for our bodies.
Families with children who suffer from constant ear, nose, and throat infections, asthma and allergies, and skin and eye irritation will benefit from the naturally balanced, organic swimming pools of the future with Natural Swimming Pools llc.

Risks & Challenges

The benefit of Natural Swimming Pools owners and Reverse Osmosis Pool Plan members is that you can always switch back to chlorine and chemicals if you’d like! We have a zero-risk guarantee. If you don’t like our service, you may stop using us at any time.

Utilizing a mobile reverse osmosis trailer to purify pool water will allow NSP to overcome any challenges in providing every customer with the clearest and cleanest water possible. Whether you choose to convert to a natural swimming pool using a biological filter or enroll in our ROPP to save 75% on your monthly maintenance costs, we’ll keep your pool free and clear of contaminants without ever needing to be drained again.

I’ve spent over a decade working in water safety education and I am currently the Regional Manager for Aqua-Tots Swim Schools in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, AZ. As a passionate swimmer and swim school operator, I take pride in my state-of-the-art facility and the investments we’ve made toward better filtration, UV and Ozone disinfection, and low chemical usage.

However, our swim schools still need chlorine and advanced technology as their primary and secondary sanitation methods to quickly and efficiently eliminate contaminants for the safety of our children in group swim lessons.

Homeowners, it’s a completely different story for our backyard swimming pools! Chlorine, cyanuric acid, algicide, and all other pool chemical products are no longer necessary for a natural swimming pool. Join me as we dive into a new paradigm of swimming pool maintenance – mastered by nature!

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